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LooseChange is your private way to analyse your finances. Export the transactions from your bank account and into the app to categorise and compare your outgoings.

Your information is stored encrypted on your device, giving you full control over its storage and deletion.

Where is the Football?

Combining Football fixture data from the public internet with the visual design from the 2014 Brazil world cup "Where is the Football?" conviently shows upcoming games and the channels they'll be shown on.

Access "Where is the Football?"


In corporate Foreign Exchange customers can choose to hedge their currency requirements against rate moves or aim for out-performance of the market.

LooseFX aims to give customers a better view of their FX position through scenario analysis and invoice planning.

Additional Services

Security Consultation

Whether accessing current implementations or delivering security conscious design our advice is based upon the oWasp best practices and industry experience.

Accessibilty Consultation

Providing both validation and actions to help you ensure you meet WCAG. Includes practical suggestions for how to use WAI-Aria and HTML5 semantics.

Software Packages